Top 10 Reasons People Utilize Debt Relief

According to Fitch Ratings, although the 60-day delinquency rate on credit cards is flat from 2009 to 2010 at about 4.5%, the number of default cards hit a peak of 11.37% in March 2020 the second highest level ever. Even though Bankruptcy filings continue to rise to over 1.5 million, many Americans are still turning to alternative debt relief options in order to regain a financial foothold. Listed below are the top 10 reasons why many people choose Debt Settlement and/or Debt Elimination.


10.) Professional Representation Options
9. ) Stop Collection Calls and Letters
8. ) Interest Stops Compounding
7. ) Lower Stress by Taking Action
6. ) Avoid Bankruptcy Proceedings
5. ) Less Money is Paid Than What is Owed
4. ) FTC Regulations Have Made it Safer
3. ) Debts are Payed Off Faster
2. ) Clients Regain Control of Their Money
1. ) Immediately Lowers Monthly Bills




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